At Lumin, we pride ourselves on our Innovating Customer Value focus. We have extensive customer service, quality and value based processes integrated into our approach and service delivery process.
Additionally, Lumin is unique in Innovating Customer Value with the following:
  • A pool of experienced technical resources
  • Cross Training and Continuous Improvement
  • Development of Leading Practices and re-usable SAP enablers
  • KANBAN service delivery to meet specific client requirements
  • Resources can be co-located at the client site

Our People:
Our people have a proven track record of successfully delivering large scale engagements with larger companies. Our people bring forward a blend of project management and technology expertise required to successfully implement and deliver business applications. Through out their consulting career, our people have been top performers at every engagement they delivered.

Our Approach:
We have developed and successfully implemented a Value based approach in delivering business applications.
Our Value based approach:

  • identifies the key value drivers which form the basis for the business case (the business case is developed with solid facts, supported by the data in the legacy applications)
  • tangibly links the value drivers to the key business processes enabled by the business applications
  • leverages simple tools to track the design and implementation of the key business processes and their corresponding impact on the delivering the identified value drivers
We were also very successful in using the value based approach to drive a common solution across the entire company, by retaining focus on the key processes that impact the value drivers.

Client Collaboration:
We have a proven track record of collaborating with the client and share the risk of the engagement, by establishing key metrics upon which we will be measured on.